We offer Turn-key Solutions for Integrated Solar Weather Monitoring across the solar energy project lifecyle:

from site assessment to monitoring plant efficiency and forecasting of solar radiation.
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Performance in Solar Energy

    Accurately measuring and predicting solar radiation is the key to finding optimal locations, informing investment decisions, optimizing plant efficiency, monitoring performance and scheduling maintenance for solar power projects. Our solar radiation and weather monitoring systems are installed and operational in over 75 sites India.


  • SWMS Solar Weather Monitoring Systems
    • Turn-Key Solutions for Integrated Solar Weather Monitoring
    • GHI
    • DIF
    • DNI
    • Tilted Global
    • WS,WD
    • Temperature
    • RH
    • Surface Temperature
    • Pressure
    • Rainfall
    • Solar Forecasting and more

  • Met One/Climatronics Meteorological Sensors
    • Wind Sensors
    • Temperature Sensors & Accessories
    • Relative Humidity
    • Barometric Pressure
    • Dust Monitors
    • Precipitation
    • Calibration Equipment
    • Data Loggers
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  • Software

    metGIS Solar:

    A Decision Support System for Evaluating Plant Performance based on incoming and forecast Solar Radiation

  • Kipp and Zonen Solar Radiation Sensors
    • Pyranometers
    • Pyrgeometers
    • Albedometers
    • Pyrheliometers
    • Net Radiometers
    • Sunshine Duration Sensors
    • UV Radiometers
    • Specific Radiometers
    • Large Aperture Scintollometers
    • Accessories
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Support for Instruments and Software

Solar Resource Assessment

Correlation of Ground Measurements with Satellite and Model Data

PV Module Performance Studies


Key Milestones

  • Authorized vendor for supply of solar and atmospheric sciences sensors (NTPC, 2013)
  • Installed and commissioned a BSRN station (Baseline Surface Radiation Network) (CSIR, 2013)
  • Installed a complete solar weather monitoring station at India's largest solar power plant in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan (Dhanu Solar, 2012)
  • Installed and commissioned over 60 solar weather monitoring stations across India (2010-)

Key Clients

First Solar, Reliance Energy, Enfinity, Cirrus Solar, NTPC, IIT, and IITM Pune.