We offer solutions for agricultural risk management, and disease & water management,

including a proprietary GIS platform for analytics and automated crop weather advisory services.
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Precision Agriculture based on Weather

    Weather has a significant bearing on agricultural practices in India. We provide instrumentation for precision farming as well as a weather-based decision support system that can auto-generate advisories and customizable bulletins.


  • Kipp and Zonen Solar Radiation Sensors
    • Pyranometers
    • Pyrgeometers
    • Albedometers
    • Pyrheliometers
    • Net Radiometers
    • Sunshine Duration Sensors
    • UV Radiometers
    • Specific Radiometers
    • Large Aperture Scintollometers
    • Accessories
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  • Spectrum Technologies Inc., USA Products
    • Automatic Weather Station with Evapo-Transpiration
    • Relative Humidity & Temperature Logger
    • Mini Station for RH, Temp and Leaf Wetness
    • Rain Guage Logger
    • Solar Radiation Sensors – UV , PAR , Line PAR Logger
    • SPAD Chlorophyll Meter without and with Datalogger
    • Non-Contact Chlorophyll Meter
    • Soil Compaction Meter
    • NDVI Meter
    • Irrigation Monitoring and Scheduling System
    • TDR Soil Moisture Meter
    • Automatic Soil Moisture Sensors with Datalogger
    • Digital Infrared (IR) Camera for Agriculture Crop Monitoring
    • NDVI-GreenSeeker
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  • Met One/Climatronics Meteorological Sensors
    • Wind Sensors
    • Temperature Sensors & Accessories
    • Relative Humidity
    • Barometric Pressure
    • Dust Monitors
    • Precipitation
    • Calibration Equipment
    • Data Loggers
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  • Software

    metGIS AGRO: A Decision Support System for Agro Meteorology


    Support for Instruments and Software

    Daily Weather based Advisory Bulletins

    R&D Services for Crop and Disease Forecasting

  • UIT Products
    • Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Station
    • Automatic Tunnel Evaporation System for ET
    • Automatic Rain Gauge Recorder
    • Automatic Soil Moisture Monitoring System for Plots
    • Automatic Soil Tensiometer system
    • Digital Water Level Recorder
    • Water Quality Monitoring System
    • Doppler Water Flow and Level Sensor
    • CTD Sensors
    • Automatic Meteorological Station

  • Adcon Telemetry Products
    • Agricultural Evapo-transpiration System w/GPRS
    • Agricultural Disease Monitoring System w/GPRS
    • Soil Moisture Monitoring Station w/GPRS

  • Unidata Pty.Ltd., Australia Products
    • Automatic Evaporation System
    • Digital Water Level Recorder (DWLR)
    • StarFlow Water Level & Flow System
    • Stage Water Level Recorder
    • Rain Gauge Datalogger
    • Meteorological Sensors
    • Infrared Thermometer
    • Differential Global Positioning System
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  • Distromet Ltd , Switzerland Products
    • Disdrometer for rain droplet sizes measurement

  • E S&S Products
    • Satellite Receiving Station for Agriculture
    • BLN Radiometer for Vegetation & Water Management
    • Profiling Radiometers for Temperature, Humidity and Water Vapor
    • Stevens HydraProbe II for Soil Moisture
    • Stevens Pogo Soil Moisture Sensor
    • Stevens Irrigation Scheduling system
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Key Milestones

  • Installation and monitoring of rainfall data for IFRI.
  • Installation and Commissioning of a LAS (Large Aperture Scintillometer) at Indian Agricultural Research Institute (2013)
  • GIS based crop area estimation and weather forecast for specific commercial crops (Soybean Processors Association of India, 2008)
  • Rice Genome Sequencing Project (Indian Council of Agricultural Research, 1998)

Key Clients